How to Extend the IBM ThinkPad Laptop Computer Battery life

Users of laptop computers IBM ThinkPad I like the fact that the laptops to give them freedom of movement while using them. However, it is frustrating when you can be on the plane or car, and you have nothing to plug in your charger. Freedom of collision with a laptop if you have no power.

The only way to get this work that the unprecedented freedom is free if you are able to get into a power outlet. On the other hand, could only improve the battery life of your laptop with this problem does not occur very often. Here are several ways to ensure that it runs the battery faster than you.

Set your display settings to low.

Most laptops have the opportunity to serve the black screen. Some laptops can even change the CPU and cooling properties. If you can, all the functions of play on lower settings.

Add another stick of RAM or two if possible.

With more RAM, you can do to your computer using a process virtual memory. Virtual memory will result in the use of the hard disk and can be much less energy more efficiently. Adding RAM is also more energy so that, wherever possible, try not to, programs that run much RAM.

Defragment your computer regularly.

If your player can do what must be done quickly, this will reduce demand and therefore less demand on your battery. The best way to ensure that we work hard so fast, it can be defragmented regularly and make sure you are in the process of rebuilding your computer is plugged in

Close all programs running in the background.

To perform the maximum efficiency, you should make sure that you have a program running in the background, like iTunes, the Windows Media Player or Messenger. Do not try something that is not absolutely necessary for the task at hand.

Do not drive with a CD or DVD, if possible.

Perform a drive is a higher power. You should try to work on your hard disk instead of a program. But we all know that not many programs can operate without hard disk, so it is often preventable.

Do not run forever, while your laptop is plugged in

We bring your only battery at least once every few weeks. Even if you have a new computer with a battery of the latest type, should never Let It Go completely dead, it is better for older batteries with memory problems.

Use the  Sleep  mode instead of the option if the computer is not used.

Even if your computer battery to sleep, you’re too lazy, but the rest of the computer will save its current state and shut down.

These are just some of the many energy-saving tips for Fashion Notebook IBM ThinkPad you. You can search online and find many others who are as big as those mentioned above. We all know that some people can not use any power saving tips feature, but can do something. Every bit counts when trying to save your battery as possible.

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