Hearing: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM

In 5 years, computers will hear what matters. Hearing systems of the future will be trained by ‘listening’ to sounds and will use this input to start detecting patterns and building models to decompose sounds. Machines will be used to predict when a tree might fall or to translate “baby talk” so parents understand if a baby’s fussing indicates hunger, tiredness or pain.

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42 thoughts on “Hearing: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM

  1. Not beyond the realms of possibility, there are already systems to detect and differentiate between smells and odours why not sound?

  2. Im excited for the future :]! Theres still so much to learn and understand in this world and its beautiful ^_^

  3. Don't let anything stop you .. he is a Doctor, Master Inventor at IBM and about to change the world in five years. Hats off to him

  4. How exciting that we will have this type of cognitive computing to support our world.Amazing research great video clip!


  5. This is crazy impressive for someone who never was able to hear to be able to have this control over his language. Great Job!!

  6. That is an amazing way to cope with limited experience in hearing. In only 3 years, he was able to remember and pronounce so many words, based on a limited experience. No wonder he's a Master Inventor, he was able to overcome a disability thoroughly, so he could move on to solve other problems. That's innovation

  7. Think of how much effort this guy must have put in to learn how to talk. He must learn how each syllable feels rather than how it sounds. It's kind of amazing!

  8. I don't think I like microphones all over the world…wait according to the NSA that's exactly what our phones are. -____________-

  9. i hope in next 5 years u will able to speak proper pronounce u will be able to delivered ur speech with no hard try 

  10. why do he speaks like that? i mean,i think he is russian but,im from argentina and its not hard for me to speak english

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