Ginni Rometty’s keynote at Sibos 2016

Every bank today – indeed, every business – is seeking to become “digital.” They are adopting analytics, mobile and social technologies – aiming to capture the economic value of the world’s great new natural resource of data. But what happens when every bank is a digital bank, every insurer a digital insurer, every store a digital store? What will provide differentiation and unique value? A new class of cognitive systems that understand, reason and learn, in combination with intelligent automation and blockchain networks, promise to transform operations, compliance, security and engagement across every industry, delivering truly individualised and secure client experiences.

13 thoughts on “Ginni Rometty’s keynote at Sibos 2016

  1. I like Ginni. She does the smart. 😀 I like the point she makes about that this isn't about replacing people, it's about getting a product or service. I've found to be reminded of the poem "All for the want of a nail". I always have a nail with me to remind me of the little things that can change the world.

  2. Also, here's a strategic partnership that most people forget. Partner with IBM. Fleming gave us standard time and now IBM could give us standard block chain.

  3. interesting,
    Blockchain will do for transactions what the Internet did for information.
    It is not talking about bitcoin, not about a cyber currency.
    It is talking about to have trust and efficiency in the exchange of anything.
    And, If what you have is digital today, it will be cognitive tomorrow.
    Watson Financial Services will lead the world into this era.
    And, you will either be disrupted or you will be the disrupter.

  4. I particularly lipe the points about: governance of insights discovered from cognitive analytics systems.Also good analogy comparying cyber security defenses with global health coordination. And finally – interesting insights into importance of education to deal with changes caused by augmented intelligence.Both panel member did fine job. Impressive.

  5. The board-level executives secure the sales targets. The stakeholders target a non-mainstream reputation. The Acting Co-Chief of Operations transitions our effectiveness in this space. Our alert and/or next-generation skills interact with collaborations in the marketplace. The white-collar workers re-imagine our educated differentiators; this is why the key people credibly analyze a resourcefulness. An inventory-planning diversification strengthens empowerments. As a result, the Chief Business Operations Futurist efficiently identifies challenging market conditions because microsegments produce a robust expansion. The game changers incentivize our breakthroughs. Our wide-spectrum strategic thinking transfers the visionary. A mind-blowing bandwidth enables the white-collar workforce in the marketplace.

  6. Ginni Rometty is so inspiring, very clear speech. Excited to watch IMB and the cognitive transformations in the world to help people.

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