Ginni Rometty keynote: CES 2016

Watson at work: IBM CEO Ginni Rometty talks cognitive technology, partnerships with Under Armour, Medtronic, and SoftBank, and how Watson is changing everything.

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25 thoughts on “Ginni Rometty keynote: CES 2016

  1. It dawned on me a couple of years ago that Watson was going to come to center stage.Please put Watson to work on helping to make the transition from burning things to release energy to energy being extracted due to the work of the Weak Nuclear Force.  I'm speaking of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.  This should be a central focus of your efforts.

  2. After having watched the entire video I am left a little unnerved  She paints a picture of a future society that is a little scary in some regards,  Do you remember an early episode of Star Trek in which Capt. Kirk discovers an alien culture that is being run by a computer?  There could be good in that, but letting it run the show altogether is a little questionable .Perhaps inevitable.  With IBM's resources they could do a lot to bring in any number of LENR Devices.  I would bet all that I own that they have dome work with it at some time in the last 25 years.  I know that superconductivity was on their plate in 1989, I attended a Seminar at the Round Tree Inn in San Jose, out off 237.

  3. How does all this resolve the National debt crisis? Poverty? Unemployment? Medical insurance? Social Security? Hunger? Homelessness? Terrorism? Is WATSON going to be the next President of the U.S., or control all the world governments? Can we say 666? This is exciting to some–pretty scary to others.

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  5. You know what, Ginni has an excellent and interesting speech, but couldn't they prepare a few decks to go with the ideas? They would make her point so much clearer…

  6. people don't want so much control and monitoring of their lives. what the heck is wrong with you people? you're human beings who envy having a machine without a soul experience. it's insane.

  7. narcissists who are overly obbsessive with competition to prove your superiority "just like me…" to live in a world that's your idea of perfection because you know best… Jesus, I want to puke.

  8. So how do I us this in my classroom creating a learning curriculum for our students molding a curriculum forl each students creating a learning module model to meet them were they are academically.

  9. Abe great too hear from someone what do no list end exteriar of give up orders too big brother this instead?

  10. My data is not for sale, nor do I permit any Corporation to collect any of my data, in any form whatsoever. If any of my data has been collected and utilized by any Corporation without my consent, the thief must pay me 1 billion dollars per offense. see you in court skynet wannabes.

  11. Omar mentioned it in his last words but will they be able to combine the 2 worlds of under-armour healthbox and medtronic for even more and better diabetes management?

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