Explore our 360 Video of the IBM Research Quantum Lab

A 360 video of the IBM Quantum Lab at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. Inside, IBM scientists are researching and building a practical quantum computer, which when built, will be one of the greatest milestones in the history of information technology. Inspired by nature and the laws of quantum mechanics, IBM believes quantum computing is the future of computing and has the potential to solve challenges that are out of reach of today’s classical computers.

On May 4, 2016, IBM Research announced that for the first time ever it is making quantum computing available to the public, providing access to a quantum computing platform from any desktop or mobile device via the cloud. Users of the IBM Quantum Experience can create algorithms and run experiments on an IBM quantum processor located in this lab, learn about quantum computing through tutorials and simulations, and get inspired by the possibilities of a quantum computer.

To learn more about IBM’s quantum computing research and get access to the IBM Quantum Experience, please visit

44 thoughts on “Explore our 360 Video of the IBM Research Quantum Lab

  1. GhostDoggSamurai

    … 220 views! Seriously?! For heaven's sake people – that's just depressing! Revolutionary tech that is so advanced we don't even fully understand it yet, a centrepiece which LOOKS LIKE STEAMPUNK COME TO LIFE and a memorable, innovative and functional way to watch it! Are you people even awake?

  2. James Velasquez

    That 48U rack on the right is about 2200MM, Some one went ballistic with the Misumi charge account, 600$ for a 2000MM length of that extruded aluminum that goes across the top. The one next to the rack looks like its 140mm x 40mm, Those plates with 8 holes in them are like 30$ each.

    Only thing a Researchers seems to never be able to understand is something called a budget.

  3. Jay S

    Is it an actual quantum computer or is it like the D-Wave? Which isn't really a quantum computer.

  4. David Florey

    Really enjoyed this, have been looking at some of the more recent developments in Quantum Computing lately by IBM and other researches out there – absolutely fascinating stuff. I love the idea of the data integrity that can potentially come with security enhancements – see this video here: https://youtu.be/HQJMg6FdcvQ?t=1214 then go watch the full video from the start – pretty cool doco…

  5. Дмитрий Кузьмин

    ну, тупые! Не то что у нас в России смекалочка работает на счет блинов!

  6. dejgasrat

    Can't wait for 2050 when all this appears on chip, thin as a stamp. When one will look at this room as once on Eniac… Sadly I won't live then anymore but hey, who knows…

  7. Arosyby

    То чувство, когда твой комп уже не тянет даже видео на ютубе! 🙁 xD

  8. Yerko Bits

    I see this and I feel the same mixture of anxiety and excitement of that time when I was 7 years old, and I was given an Atari_800XL telling me that I could make my own video game. <3
    [sorry for my english, I'm from Chile]

  9. Eee Mordia

    Hmmm laptop in the corner… a non super computer looking after a system more power than a supercomputer….only JK!

    This is awesome…I've not quite grasped the concept of quantum anything.

  10. Ömer Aslan

    I can’t create an account. Just says we will send an invitation but nothing comes to my email. Could you help me please ?

  11. SuckTitles

    I couldn't figure out why you can't spot some kind of object or stand that holds the 3D camera you're looking through. Then I figured: this is IBM's quantum lab. The camera is probably in an alternate plane of existence recording this one.

  12. mariano de anquín

    the upper cursor is for search the hide rat,in the laboratory, that eat the experiment…congratulations

  13. Noel del rosario

    Can it really perform programs like in STAR TREK's HallDeck Computer Past time Programs for their crew ? THat has 3-Dimensional Virtual Reality Display…..More Power to you,,,,

  14. Diony “Braincodedamaged” De Jesus

    Thank you for such great experience hope to see it, in real life and how it works. Would be amazing

  15. Bill Kitsch

    Far out… I would like to pass some thoughts on quantum physics along for consideration. One being, that superposition is in itself an illusion, as from our perspective, when viewed, in a curved space-time universe, regardless of position/location 'spin' will always be juxtaposed. That either can be any possibility at the same "time" (from our perspective) is because not only is the Cat both possibilities at once, but both in and outside time at once, as is every particle that comprises the universe at all times in all directions. There is no superposition outside space-time. It, like time, is a reference figment So we are a 1/2 neutrino away from timelessness at the resolution of the space-time boundary with infinity. The information we see simultaneously as entanglement is in fact outside time existing at once. The whole of the theories upon which quantum computing is based, are somewhat mechanically induced facsimiles of what, if understood and trained to do so, might induce harnessing the edge of the curved space-time universe outside time. Outside time (space-time) is the only place any kind of transportation can occur (due to 'resistance' inside space-time) for instance. So really, in other terms, astral travelers claim to do something like what I posit. We might be mapping neutrinos for space travel someday, to project our ship across the universe outside time, the same way we leave earth's atmosphere through the "resolution" we pass through at the boundary of space.

  16. We Love You Father!

    With God all things are possible!  The Father who is King of the Universe is with the Son and in the Son!  The Son recongnizes his Voice and does his Will!  It is the Father's Will for you to know his Kingdom!


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