Document Capture Software Comparison

One of the strengths of document management is brought by tools such as document capture and scanning. What would be better for your company, a complete document management system that includes document capture or buying both separately?

Many sellers, like EMC Captiva or IBM Datacap provide a tool that can be integrated with this same vendors’ solutions for document management and ECM (Documentum and FileNet, respectively). This ties you in, and makes your company depend on new versions of this products, plus sometimes you get “forced” to work with a given partner, without lots of options. Talk about vendor lock-in.

This is where Java architecture, open standards and open source give you the best advantage for an Enterprise Content Management approach to document capture, and not just for considering capture itself as an unconnected tool (it is not!!). Other cloud providers, such as or Dropbox, don’t provide this features yet.. so it is better to have products in the pure ECM environment get customized to your needs and delivered On Premise.

The decision of purchasing a document management or a document imaging software should be carried out guided by the principle of efficiency: Getting the most benefit at a reasonable price. This may sound vague, but it is the hard truth, as a customer you should demand as much as you can for your penny. And not many software vendors are willing to compromise, listen to your needs and provide a sales proposal adjusted to your “you”, not in the ECM market or many other parts of B2B & expensive Enterprise software.

In this comparison we have taken into account factors such as integrity, interoperability, efficiency, scalability, ease of use, price and performance of document capture leaders such as Athento, Kofax Capture, IBM Datacap, AnyDoc suite, EMC Captiva, Ephesoft, and Kodak Capture Pro to help you make up your mind about the tool of choice to be implemented at your company.

These are all great tools, but what you need to know is which one will fit better your needs. And that sometimes is achieved with a great consulting service (only if needed, as these tend to be pretty expensive).

Remember also that great products go so far, but great projects need great consulting and training, to have everybody in the same page. For an ECM or Document Scanning and Capture software to be adopted, training is the main issue at stake.

So, without further ado, enjoy the document capture comparison here:

Document Capture comparison. Read all of it and extract your conclusions, document capture is worth an in depth analysis.

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