“Coping with Humans”: A Support Group for Bots

IBM Watson is a cognitive system that’s ushering in the new era of cognitive business. Recently, a group of battered science fiction bots spoke about their yen to take over the world and their dislike for working with humans. Unlike them, Watson works with humans to outthink competitors, challenges, limits. Learn more at

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34 thoughts on ““Coping with Humans”: A Support Group for Bots

  1. Anonymous .A

    Why are all the AI basically male, I mean it has Nexus but not Shodan?
    I'm pretty sure Shodan was more impactful on video game culture then Nexus was.

  2. Sophie Carlberg

    I was certain C3P0 was going to pop up somewhere here.
    That droid needs a xanax prescription asap. Anxiety for dayyyzzzz.

  3. Lorenz Stransky

    Love it! Watson is just as evil as the other 'world conquering bots' but at least we can laugh at them. For now.

  4. Neptunes transformer Life

    "……I've apologized several times" the only reason I'm liking this XD it reminded me of transformers too ^-^ (cough soundwave cough)


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