“Coping with Humans”: A Support Group for Bots (Extended Version)

IBM Watson is a cognitive system that”s ushering in the new era of cognitive business. Recently, a group of battered science fiction bots spoke about their yen to take over the world and their dislike for working with humans. Unlike them, Watson works with humans to outthink competitors, challenges, limits. Learn more at

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41 thoughts on ““Coping with Humans”: A Support Group for Bots (Extended Version)

  1. Hmm.. Switch the muscle bots legs with tank like wheels, give him some weaponry. Then you got a REAL Sentry Bot!..

  2. I would like to take Watson and a group of of automatons robots to Mars and see what they can do if they really want to take over their own planet LOL.

  3. she's gotta throw in the 666 handsign for good measure…ho-hum, these people with the transhumanist satanic agenda have such a short time left, they must resort to doing internet ads!

  4. This is one of my favorite videos of all time ever ^_^ Mucho Love to Watson+the bots 🙂 Thank you, IBM!

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