Code Current: Watson Developer Cloud – App Development in the Cognitive Era

An overview of cognitive computing, the underlying technologies that are enabling this paradigm, as well as demos and best practices. The session is led by Chris Ackerson, Solutions Architect of Watson Ecosystem at IBM. Learn more at:

Learn more about IBM Watson:

4 thoughts on “Code Current: Watson Developer Cloud – App Development in the Cognitive Era

  1. it's like training a dog with sensory response recognition as to the condition to develop assert response in the dog to act in a certain manner but this is not give you insight as to the thought process involved in the dogs responsive condition basically you're assigning value to key responses keying off of the initial action or act that is being carried out to understand the Computing system of sensory response you have to go to Binary encryption and a sign of value to each element developing a language and based on the language develop an operating system and based on the operating system does all of the programming or recognition as to the key responses

  2. the human brain has two elements one hemisphere is logic and processes data the other hemisphere expressive cognitive thinking
    between both hemispheres you develop an Adaptive learning program this is nothing new to integration of organic Technologies as to the development of intelligence of artificial nature is that you have to have both analytical and conception the dog operations no difference between man-made computation systems and adaptive learning programming artificial intelligence is one is unaware of self and the other is self aware it is able to alter through conditioning responses and adaptations read-only memory or logic memory as to develop the conditions for random access memory or cognitive thinking

  3. Hey, I like the train of thought in your comments here. I'm really tired, so I'm not grasping everything you are trying to get across, but there is some cool stuff in there. I will revisit tomorrow when I've had some sleep. Just wanted to say hi.

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