Cloud Computing – Business Transformation in the Cloud

The IBM Cloud is transforming industries as diverse as healthcare, energy, government, and filmmaking. These cloud computing case studies help to illustrate the tremendous power and opportunity in the Cloud.

8 thoughts on “Cloud Computing – Business Transformation in the Cloud

  1. I don't think it will.
    It only means less hardware.

    Look at what Oracle does, they sell hardware/software solutions for the Cloud Computing.

  2. so sick of "re branding" when all it is, is just changing names of stuff that has been around all along!

    "cloud computing" has always been around it was called network server!

    Your stuff uploaded and saved on a sever elsewhere, WOW how amazing

    This re branding crap is a tool to keep the people confused so they can keep selling the same crap over again, you think windows is anything new, they have done all they can do for now, they just make new buttons to do the same crap over again! 

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