Cloud computing as a career

Information technology is a field which has gained importance and has grabbed interests of a larger share of students towards the studies related to it. Most of the students these days have been found, opting for courses related to IT or computers. Computers have become the priority education field for students, which have captured the whole education industry. Its not only computers as a course, which is gaining importance, but the implementation of computers as a subject can also be witnessed in almost all forms of education and courses. Almost all the colleges and schools, these days, impart education through the mode of computers, and has certainly made computers the main source for the dissemination of education and different kind of information.

Daily, one gets to hear new courses about education in computers. There are many new courses related to computers which has come up and has made revolutionary changes in the field of computer education. One of the trend, in the field of computers, which is coming up these days, is cloud computing. The new world of technology has surely left no stone unturned, in terms of the developments and achieving new heights in the field of IT. Cloud computing is another high tech development, due to which it has become so easy for the person to save and mange his data. In lay man terms if one gets to explain the term cloud computing, then it would be described as the system, in which the information is stored virtually. It means, that the administrator, himself, do not have to bother about the management or the saving of the files, everything gets saved in a virtual format, and its like internet, when the person logs in to his computer, then he is able to access all his files and documents.

Cloud computing is also known as internet based computing, where the person has access to the server, after logging into it. It has made it easier for the user to install and run applications on his computer. The services of support and maintenance has been taken as a shift towards the client servicing side, now users, don’t have to worry about their systems, and their problems, everything can be outsourced and can be solved with the help of cloud computing. Looking at its increased demand and acceptance of cloud computing as a concept in India, many institutes and colleges in India have also come up with their ideas of introducing cloud computing as a course in their education curriculum. Cloud computing as a course would be introduced under the IT software and networking courses.

Some of the companies into networking and software services have also introduced courses in cloud computing to train their employees and upgrade their skills and knowledge with respect to the latest developments in the field of IT and software. Software companies like Infosys, Google, IBM, etc provide training to their employees to make them match the standards of international development. Most of the IT and management institutes are slowly coming up with courses in cloud computing. One of the institutes providing courses on computing is Search and Information Extraction Lab, IIIT – Hyderabad, which provide courses to students having graduation as well as post graduation degrees. The students, learning cloud computing needs to have a major interest in the field of software and must possess a great knowledge of networking. Networking forms an important part of the cloud computing course. Also, students from the background of IT, networking and software services are always recommended to take high developed courses, such as cloud computing as their future career developments. Such steps also help in the positive and a prosperous growth of the student’s future.

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