Bonding: The IBM team that created reusable polymers

An unconventional team of scientists at IBM Research in Almaden, Calif., has discovered a new polymer that is recyclable without sacrificing strength. When Jim Hedrick assembled this team of colorful personalities, he knew he could expect results, but he had no idea how explosive the chemistry would be. The teams unique bonds are evident both in and out of the lab. Using Jim’s work as a foundation, the team has created this new polymer with chemical bonds as strong as bone, and the capacity to be recycled an infinite number of times. Meet the creative minds and the unique personalities that orchestrated this incredible breakthrough.

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4 thoughts on “Bonding: The IBM team that created reusable polymers

  1. What does scientists' personal hobbies have to do with polymer construction? Where's the real science behind the title?

  2. This is an inspiring video that demonstrates how team bonds can create exciting, breakthrough innovation. Great job!

  3. I'm a materials engineer working with sales in IBM Brazil and I'm so happy to know how huge is IBM Research! Congrats! :)

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