Annabelle + IBM Watson on Life Experience

IBM Watson is helping doctors identify cancer treatments to outthink cancer, one patient at a time. Learn more at

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44 thoughts on “Annabelle + IBM Watson on Life Experience

  1. It's a machine fools, not an organic being endowed w/ a spirit/soul by the Creator. (which means He's the only one, anyone claiming they do, are breaking His copyright, the crime is eternal jail).

  2. IBM Watson can easily built a wall between us and Mexico he can also activate and launch all of the nuclear warheads on our planet so we can move away from our son and freeze faster or get closer to the son and roast in thermonuclear heat .IBM Watson let's built smarter planet.

  3. I'm upset that the human race is beginning to rely on technology for info and knowledge…
    just like

    "oh great machine of wisdom tell me how can I poke something?"

    if anyone ACTUALLY does rely on technology for asking something simple to do…

    real learning comes from experience!

    gosh darn it humanity…

  4. really you can help my kids learn anything and have they're succeed in life, become a productive member of society I would love that!
    just try not to take over the world we would not like that!

  5. This young girl will probably never be a doctor and Watson will certainly not help her to become one…because "Watsons" will be the only doctors left. I'm not sure what kids will be able to do when they grow up that a machine wouldn't do a thousand time better, safer, cheaper and faster. Get ready, we haven't seen anything yet.

  6. And before you know it we'll have rows of kids plugged into their own personal "watsons" without a human teacher to be found. And this will be called "education."

    Or technocracy.

  7. How will Watson take over the world really -_-
    Watson:I locked the doors >:D
    Me:grabs Watson throws out window

  8. Too important a breakthrough to allow patent law and the possibility of monopoly to render what is fundamentally an idea uncovered, optimizing specialized data consolidation and  retrieval.  There are other super computers that could be put to use towards the same goals of saving lives.  Nothing is more important than the work Watson is doing; double down on it and bring every effort of mankind to bear on it.   Lets cooperate instead of compete on this for the sake of all of us.

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