A Recipe for Innovation: Big Data Tools

Cognitive systems and big data tools are helping chefs discover never- before-seen recipes and new possibilities with food. Visit to see what computing will cook up next.

With big data providing endless information, IBM researchers are using cognitive computing and big data tools to turn a big data problem into an innovative set of solutions. To explore the technology behind cognitive cooking, learn more about the #IBMFoodTruck and see what’s already been cooked up check out the IBM Food Truck Playlist:

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3 thoughts on “A Recipe for Innovation: Big Data Tools

  1. This is what happens when you hire untrained chefs to do your cooking. They cannot come up with anything original or unique to the region they live in. All they can do is cook what their mom made them or out of a corporate cookbook. Thats the problem with the restaurant industry. Untrained chefs with no talent or ability to innovate new food/flavor combinations being hired for minimum wage or a few bucks more. And restaurants not paying a good wage to the chefs with the talent using a data center to come up with new recipes.

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