A Day In The Life Of Lisa Seacat DeLuca, Mobile Software Engineer

At the age of 31, Lisa Seacat DeLuca is already IBM’s most prolific female inventor and a technical powerhouse. And she does it from her home office. Learn how IBM’s flexibility and mentoring helped her shape her career. Interested in a career like this? Visit

26 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Lisa Seacat DeLuca, Mobile Software Engineer

  1. I'm loving it and I'm inspired. I'm 37 and somewhere along the road I've seemed to lose my spark and excitement for change and innovation in this field. I've allowed myself to become buried in long gruesome projects, no longer pursue mentoring, just doing a routine job. I started out as a programmer and now I'm a data center manager. Finally telling myself to refocus, reinvent myself, and do something different in this vast field of technology.

  2. The ability to move around… Hmmm… I would love if we had that here in Nigeria. Would like to discover and develop some other innate skills.

  3. There are so many things that I love about this story. I love how she has goals and a great mentor. I really love the fact that IBM offers her the ability to work from home and have a good work/life balance. I love the fact that IBM recognizes that someone can manage a remote team and their home life at the same time. Happy employees = more productive employees and a higher quality of work.  I am going to share this video.

  4. Lisa, you are extraordinary!  You are a living, breathing inspiration to working mom's everywhere!  I'd love to invite you to our upcoming Youth Summit on 11/15 in Loudoun County, VA.  I'll reach out to you on Linked in. 

  5. Very inspiring story!  Things sure have changed a lot at IBM and elsewhere since I graduated in 1977 from NJIT where there was only one woman in my Computer Science graduating class. And computers sure have changed dramatically in the 6 decades since my great uncle Edward J Rabenda filed his patents at IBM for what were called "accounting machines" waaaay back in the 1940s! I wish Lisa much success as she makes the most of the talents God has given her.

  6. This video was so inspiring. I'm a math major student at the moment. Been thinking to switch to software engineering for a year, but it's like I'm scared to…I mean, math is great, but I need something real.

  7. I've been working with software development, since my first year of undergraduate course. And I love what I do. It's amazing to build a system and see how it can help the users and their business process. But, in the last years, I was trying to figure out how reconcile my career with other dreams. And then, I saw this video in Bluemix Event for girls and I found a way and an inspiration. Thanks, IBM and Lisa for sharing this story with us.

  8. By far my favorite. Maybe Marissa Mayer can take a page from this woman, and reconsider her opinion of employees working from home.

  9. Great to see that she's able to balance her work and family life together thanks to an off-site position. However the vast majority of people who work off-site are generally less productive in my opinion. This woman graduated from Carnegie Mellon so there's no doubt that she's self-sufficient.

  10. Awesome video. We are so lucky to be IBMers we have all these great people like Lisa to learn from and be inspired.

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