Tippingpoint Will Discuss How to Stay Ahead of Security Threats Affecting Organizations’ Networks at the 2008 Financial Services Technology Forum

October 06, 2008 – Toronto, Canada – TippingPoint’s Director of Product Marketing, Craig Phelps will present to delegates the different approaches to ensure the integrity of personal information and to protect it against malicious attacks at the 2008 Financial Services Technology Forum scheduled on October 28 & 29, 2008 at the Design Exchange in Toronto, Canada.

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IPS-secured Networks

Collecting, retaining and securing personal information about customers, employees and other stakeholders is a daily activity for today’s financial services organizations. Not only do financial organizations risk losing customers and damaging their reputations, data breaches has led to lawsuits and negative press. As the dependence on electronic banking grows, federal regulations now mandate the protection of digital financial data, requiring institutions to rethink their network security priorities.

As a result, financial institutions are under more pressure than ever to ensure adequate privacy protection, provide and share information across multiple systems and facilities, monitor and evaluate the security of their information and maximize the value of their information technology resources. This session will provide an overview of how financial institutions can not only protect their networks from malicious attacks, but how to keep their data safe and meet third-party regulatory requirements in the process.

Craig Phelps directs product marketing at TippingPoint with a focus on compliance product strategies, which enable customers to apply automated security controls to achieve regulatory compliance and meet internal security policy. Previous to his role at TippingPoint, he was responsible for security strategy in Dell’s Enterprise Product Group. He has also served as Security Brand Manager for Dell’s public division, where he led initiatives for PC, server, storage and network-based security. Craig has also held marketing roles at Cisco Systems and Reed Elsevier. He holds a CISSP certification and received a SANS Institute Information Security Leadership award for his work at Dell. He received his MBA from B.Y.U. in 1997.

2008 Financial Services Technology Forum

The 2008 Financial Services Technology Forum focuses on new, cutting-edge enterprise applications and solutions that are sustainable, flexible, and increase profitability. This year’s event features over 30 interactive expositions and 20 engaging conference sessions presented to all corporate users, from service providers to small, medium and large businesses alike.

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