Linksys Router Set Up

Made by Cisco systems, makers of the world’s biggest and best networking equipment, Linksys routers are the most popular and reliable routers on the market today. Even the least expensive Linksys router performs to high standards, and you may reasonably expect it to yield years of good service. Linksys routers also number one among the easiest for do-it-yourselfers to install.

The daisy chain hooks together simply, according to common sense: your Internet service provider’s modem links to the cable outlet or telephone jack; the router in turn links to the modem. Both the modem and the router will have the ports clearly labeled; the proper link from modem to router will read “WAN” or ” Internet,” All the other ports are marked simply with numbers; use one of the ports to link the router to your computer. As you connect each piece, you may need to restart each one to make sure that each is reading and recognizing the one before it.

How to configure your Linksys router. Linksys routers now come with complete instructions and set-up wizards on CD. PC purists recommend you install and set-up your router software manually; but, as its designers intend, the set-up wizard takes you simply, easily, efficiently step-by-step through the configuration process. Manual installation does, admittedly, confer one advantage on PC purists: it allows them far more set-up, preference, security, and configuration options than the default settings allow via the wizard.

Do-It-Yourself Connection Steps. Before we actually start we need to connect the modem to the computer using the Ethernet cable or enable the Wi-Fi. The point is that the computer should be online.

Connecting the Linksys Router to the Modem and Computer. Now that we have ensured that the computer is connected to active Internet connection, we can connect the devices. First we connect the modem to the Internet ports of the router and your computer to any of the Ethernet ports. Check the router’s front panel LEDs and once we are assured that they are glowing, we can move ahead towards setting up the router’s connection.

Here is how we set up a Lisksys Router for a DSL ISP.

Step 1: At the router’s setup page, set the local IP address of the router to and click on “save”.

Step 2: Rest the IP address of the computer. It could be in the range of to

Step 3: Now, access the web-based set-up program of the router using IP address. Also, check and see whether the Internet IP address has value other than If it does have non-zero value in its fields of Internet IP address, then the computer should now be able to access the Internet. However, if it is all zeros, the PPPoE on the router will need to be enabled. This you can do by once again accessing the router’s web based setup with the address with http:// and look for “Internet Connection Type”, select the option PPPoE on the drop-down. Enter the username and password which the ISP provided and save. Again, check the Login Status and if it says “Connected”, you should be able to access the Internet. These simple steps can ensure that you are successfully able to set up your Linksys Router.

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