Why NOW is the Best Time to Buy an Apple MacBook?

On Monday, June 08, 2009, Apple Inc. introduced to the public the much cheaper versions of some of their products including the MacBook Pro Line and the iPhone. This is in accordance to the economic crisis and recession that are being experienced by the world, making these “popular” Apple products more affordable and reasonable for the public’s expenses.

Now, if you are still thinking twice whether to buy that Apple MacBook soon or just wait for later, here are some reasons that might convince you that NOW is the best time to buy an Apple MacBook:

  1. It’s more than just a sale or a discount. It’s a price cut! At the annual confab for Apple software developers called Worldwide Developers Conference help on Monday, Apple announced the release of a new 15-inch MacBook Pro designed with an extended battery life which they are selling for only $1,199, a new version of the MacBook Air for only 1,499, and a 13-inch MacBook for only $1,199.
  2. Mac is the wave of the future. While Windows was what we’ve learned and got used to when we were younger, it is Mac that’s setting the new and better trend for the future. With its speed, security, reliability, and high-quality performance, Mac is definitely kicking Windows butt!
  3. Apple’s upcoming operating system, the Mac OS X Snow Leopard, was labeled “the world’s most advanced operating system.” According to Apple, the Mac OS is being used by about 75 million devices now, with a 300% increase from the previous 2 years. Be a part of this change..
  4. Apple provides fewer choices, but more focus. Because choosing to be a Mac user means being limited to the few Apple computers available, you won’t get so overwhelmed by the many options you have. With Apple, you’ll learn to develop focus and concentration to a single unit as it offers long-lasting usage.
  5. It is better to start early. True, as time goes by, Apple will present more and more upgrades to their Mac computers, laptops, and even iPod and iPhone models. Why wait for these innovations if you can start familiarizing yourself with its technology today? Start early on and become a master in the future. This way, when Mac has become the language of technology, you can easily speak and understand the Apple lingo.

So, don’t waste time! Now is the right time to head out to Apple stores and get yourself a MacBook of your choice.

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