White Macbooks Being Phased Out

Since the introduction of Aluminum Unibody Macbooks, Apple has begun to slowly phase out the previous generation of the Polycarbonate White Macbooks.  There’s still one revamped white Macbook available on Apple’s online store, but the inventory is noticeably few than before, especially in the company’s refurbished deals section.

Apple usually has an adequate stock of certified refurbished Macbooks under their Special Deals section.  These notebooks come from either returned or cancelled customer orders.  They’re refurbished by Apple and repackaged for sale again.  Lately, the number of refurbished white Macbooks has diminished tremendously.  One will pop up every so now and then, roughly once a week.  The black polycarbonate Macbooks have all but vanished from Apple’s store listing.

There are definitely distinct differences between the current generation of aluminum unibody Macbooks and the previous generation of polycarbonate Macbooks.  The obvious distinction is the material used for the system enclosure. 

Another key difference, one that is point of contention for many Macbook users, is the display.  Current generation Macbooks use a glossy display where as the previous generation of Macbooks used a matte display.  Glossy displays are suppose to give uses more vibrant colors and higher contrast ratios.  However, many argue that glossy displays also reflect too much light, often to the point where it’s hard to read the screen.  Thus a significant group of Mac users still prefer the old matte displays found in the polycarbonate Macbooks.

As supplies of polycarbonate Macbooks dwindle from Apple’s inventory, users might want to consider purchasing one now before they’re all out.  If the extremely limited supply of refurbished white Macbooks is an indicator of current inventory levels, then users don’t have much time left to purchase one.

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