What are iPhone Apps?

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What are iPhone Apps? iPhone apps are applications for the Apple iPhone. More specifically, most iPhone apps are meant for the newer iPhone 3G model and will also work on the most recent versions of the iPod Touch. You will need an active iTunes Store account in order to download a free or purchased application to your iPhone or iPod Touch. For the purposes of this article, “iPhone” also refers to the iPod Touch.

These iPhone and iPod Touch applications are commonly referred to as “Apps.” An iPhone app is a specific software widget that you can download from the iTunes App Store. When the new app is downloaded, it will place an icon on the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch, so you can access the app directly by touching the icon on the screen. Accessing your application this way eliminates the step of having to use the web browser. Time or time saving is crucial in capturing the modern customer, so having an instant connection to an iPhone user via an installed app keeps the closest marketing connection possible, from the point of the app creator. From the point of the app user, it’s all about convenience and instant access to tools and entertainment.

There are thousands of apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Categories of apps include Business, Games, Entertainment, Sports, Education, Medical, Fitness, News, Travel, Photography and more! There are both paid and free app categories.

A specific example of an iPhone Game app is the game Tetris. If you download the Tetris app from the iTunes store, there will be a Tetris app icon on your iPhone or iPod touch screen and all you need to do to play the Tetris game is to touch the icon to get it started. Tetris is one of the top selling paid app games in the iTunes Store.

An excellent example of an iPhone app for buiness is the Fedex custom iPhone app. After you download the free Fedex app from the iTunes Store, just touch your Fedex app screen icon and you have direct access to all of the Fedex shipping, tracking, and store location information. The Fedex iPhone app uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS system to automatically show your closest Fedex location. The Fedex app is always at the top of the current App Store most popular lists.

Have you thought about getting your own custom iPhone app for your company, organization, or for yourself? Do you have the next great idea for an iPhone app? Do you have a business plan to make money from custom iPhone applications? Then you’ll need to create your own custom iPhone app – and to do that, you’ll need a Registered iPhone App Developer. Registered iPhone App Developers are registered with the Apple iPhone Developer Program, and are authorized to submit your finished custom iPhone apps to the Apple iTunes App Store. Proper planning and design for your app is crucial to saving time and development cost.

As iPhone users multiply, more developers will enter the app market and innovation will continue at a remarkable expansion rate. As of April 2009 almost one billion applications have been downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

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