Top 5 Tech Gifts for This Holiday Season

Here are the top 5 tech gifts that you can present to your family, friends and even as corporate business gifts.

1) Digital Cameras: Yeah, I know what just crossed your minds – “What a lame idea. Everybody has a digital camera these days”. But think again, everybody you know has a camera? How about your nephew/niece who is about to graduate? I am sure this would be something on their wish list. And what if your mom is thinking of upgrading to a new model? It would make a great gift. Isn’t it? So, think twice before crossing it off of your list.

2) Photo Printers: Let us get back to your thought – “Everybody has a digital camera these days”. Yes, most people own a camera, but how do they get their photos printed? Spot on!! Gift them a photo printer. I am sure they will thank you every time for such a wonderful gift that made their vacations and life more memorable. This article lists 3 budget photo printers: Budget Portable Photo Printers – Add to Your Wish List this Holiday Season

3) Netbooks: This small, ultra-portable laptop is going to have its own space on many wish lists this season. You may want to gift it soon before anyone else does. This would make a perfect gift for students and for business partners who travel frequently.

4) iPods: Ever since iPods were launched, this Apple product has always had a space in shoppers wish lists. Again, it is a great gift for a student or for folks on the go.

5) Projectors: Know a movie freak or a tech geek? A business needs new projector? Make it more fun for your friends and family to watch movies at home together on a big screen. Or help a business get a new projector for their conference room.

With Black Friday deals already in, now is the time to prepare your gift lists and shop.

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