The world's top ten notebook brand rankings

No. 1: IBM Think Pad series. Commonly known as “black”, static colors and styles. As the father of the modern personal computer, IBM’s notebook has the best quality, status and price. In total more than 1000 kinds of patents in the field notebook technology (eg, hard disk father), ThinkPad is the pursuit of performance, portability, stability, and the available choice for notebook enthusiasts masterpiece.

Apple MAC Series

Second place: Apple MAC series. The reason that the Mac is not just because it’s made by Apple, but also because its core is different from the standard IBM PC. Pc machine is outside the “best of the best”, so to understand, Apple = streamlined streamlined with Microsoft, IBM. Because the original only white, commonly known as “white.” Had the decision-making no mistakes, now the IBM Think Pad series of position should be that the MAC series. If we say, IBM is the most powerful notebook useful, then Apple is the most artistic of the most Mars notebook, of course, price is also “art.”

Third place: HP Compaq under (Compaq). Current mainstream pc machine, Compaq and IBM are almost contend, although it is studied under the company reverted to HP, but still follow the Compaq logo, the original Compaq business laptop is almost synonymous with its quality and reputation can be seen . Note this: home of Compaq may be less commercial.

Fourth place: Fujitsu (FUJITSU). Fujitsu is known as Japan’s “IBM”, is Japan’s notebook worthy of the “Boss”, pc is filled with IBM, Fujitsu, Compaq, Toshiba and so on standards set by the oligarchs, Fujitsu is known as “the world’s notebook computer expert” and, of course, Price is “boss” level.

Fifth place: Toshiba (TOSHIBA). Toshiba claims is “the world’s first true laptop,” the founder, however, take the fashion line recently, quality, and some coarse compared to Fujitsu.

After the fifth difficult to arrange, because the basic design is similar, comparable quality, or casual arrangements yourself, that is, on top of five brands of precedence is everyone to agree, the order below on some matter of opinion the.

Sixth place: NEC. In 1989, NEC made the world’s first color LCD notebook computer, notebooks, NEC’s LCD R & D and manufacturing technology has been a world leader in Japan’s domestic sales have been closely following the Fujitsu, but the quality In addition to LCD screen on the outside, not much bright.

Seventh place: SONY. SONY 97 years before they entered the notebook field, always taking the “fashion, high-end” of the line, so “beautiful” has become the biggest selling point (personal feeling ugly). However, the stability, safety, durability, the weak, it can be said, to buy Sony, in addition to a brand, nothing worth it.

Eighth: Dell (DELL). DELL is the miracle of IT industry, 96 years involved in the field notebook, just a few years, sales have become the world’s first, but the cost of DELL his system also restricted the development of high-end notebook. DELL as a “cheap laptop” representative. Indeed, nothing to boast of its quality of place, especially heat, a lot of problems.

Ninth: ASUS (ASUS). Asustek Computer is a sort of a small Chinese pride, insist on “their design, their manufacture, own-brand sales,” so good compatibility, thermal problem solving is also more thorough when working on new ideas, known as “the firm if rock, “a grain of truth. For personal feelings, put it out right here, anyway, better quality than Lenovo.

10th place: Samsung (SUMSUNG). In 2001 it entered the notebook area, complete with Japanese style, take the visual line, but the most critical in a notebook cooling technology, there is a large loophole. And the design and production of all outsourced to a number of professional notebook manufacturer in Taiwan. Controlling the cost of greater advantage. In other words, Samsung is Korea’s SONY, but, if the “buy Sony, in addition to a brand, nothing worth,” then buy a Samsung just not worth even the brand. Not as good as domestic associations.

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