The Apple MacBook Air MC 506LL/A- Performance and Portability

Apple’s latest offering in the laptop computer market is the revised version of the MacBook Air.

It is getting rave reviews for its combination of performance and portability. This is a great benefit for anyone who needs access to a computer while they’re on the go.

This laptop is ideal for small business owners, executives, students or anyone else who needs to keep in touch when they’re not at home or don’t have access to a traditional desktop computer.

Let’s look at some of these features in a little more detail:


The MacBook Air 11.6 comes with a 1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor and a 128GB Solid State Drive. It also offers the NVIDIA GeForce 320M Integrated Graphics system, giving you HD viewing on your LED display.

This is great for games, watching movies or video chat with friends and family.

It also features the Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard Operating System and comes with the following software installed:

* iTunes 
* Time Machine 
* Quick Look 
* Spaces 
* Spotlight 
* Dashboard 
* Mail and Address Book 
* iCal 
* DVD Player and iMovie 
* Photo Booth and iPhoto 
* GarageBand and more.

The MacBook Air 11.6 comes with Flash Memory storage which replaces the usual spinning hard drive. This significantly reduces boot-up and wake up times and allows you to launch applications more quickly as well.

As a result, the computer runs more quietly and maintains a cooler temperature than those with standard hard drives.


The MacBook Air MC506LL/A 11.6 is Mac’s thinnest laptop yet. At a weight of 2.3 pounds with dimensions of 11.8×7.56×0.68 inches, it’s easy to transport and won’t get in your way.

Despite the small size, it comes with a full size keyboard and Multi-Touch track pad which is convenient enough to use that you can easily do with a mouse, giving you one less item to carry around.

With Wi-Fi wireless networking and the integrated FaceTime webcam makes it perfect for keeping in touch with friends and family while you travel.

At just over $1100, this latest MacBook Air combines the best of performance, portability and affordability.

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