Samsung F480 Tocco – Mobile Phone Review

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The Samsung F480 Tocco is a fantastic touchscreen phone that is incredibly attractive. You can do so much with the Samsung F480 Tocco 3G phone. It has the ability to switch from landscape to portrait viewing modes. It has a camera and an HTML web browser that can allow for easy access to the Internet. You can also download with speeds of up to 7.2 mbps as it has HSPDA. The Samsung Tocco will also allow you to connect and share your photos, videos, and applications via the Internet. Downloading and uploading is one of this phones best qualities.

The Samsung F480 is one of the smallest phones around and it only weighs 106 grams. It is a tiny bit bigger than a credit card and it is extremely thin. Externally, the Samsung F480 Tocco is a little gem, well constructed and sleek. An extremely smooth phone, the Samsung F480 will fit nicely into your palms. It uses touchscreen technology and has a huge wide screen which is perfect for viewing pictures and videos, as well as browsing the net which you can connect to with amazing speeds. It also has a top-notch camera and fantastic multimedia capability. This phone comes with plenty of advanced features and can definitely perform to the highest standards, and does a fantastic job as an alternative to the iPhone.

The Samsung F480 Tocco has a 5 megapixel camera that has plenty of advanced settings such as Smile Shot that is mode that enables the camera to identify when your subject is smiling and automatically takes the picture. Another great feature is face detection that helps to ensure you capture who you want to capture. It also has auto focus that makes sure the picture is as clear as it can be. This phone also has the ability to record video at great quality, and any video call you participate in will be of the highest quality.

This phone has a touchscreen so you can navigate completely by utilizing that feature. The touchscreen is extremely efficient and simple to use, unlike some of the earlier touchscreen phones that entered the phone market. It is fully customisable with the drag and drop technology. The Samsung Tocco is a 3G phone which is the most advanced type on the market today, allowing you to benefit from fantastic Internet speeds as well as video calls. It also has a great battery life of up to 3 hours of talk time and up to 250 hours of standby time. The Tocco comes with a music player that can play mp3, wma and plenty of other formats of music. It has a great music library allowing you to store many songs which you can listen back to in high quality. Video quality is also fantastic. The Samsung F480 Tocco has 230MB internal memory, but this can easily be upgraded to 8GB with a memory card, and that is ample space to store what you want.

The Samsung F480 phone also has an FM radio. You can make voice memos and view documents and even get into mobile printing. You can also directly upload to your phone from a computer or vice versa via a 2.0 USB cable line. This 3G phone is more than enough for even the heaviest user and is certainly in direct competition with other 3G phones. A fantastic looking phone , the Samsung F480 Tocco certainly lives up to expectations and will more that satisfy the average user.

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