Refurbished MacBook Pro FB471LL/A

The Refurbished MacBook Pro FB471LL/A is an Apple Certified Refurbished MacBook Pro.  This MacBook Pro is identical to the new model with Apple SKU MB471LL/A with exception to the refurbished SKU label.  The distinguishing features for this Refurbished MacBook Pro are that it’s an Unibody MacBook running a 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 4 GB of RAM and has a 15.4″ LCD screen.

Refurbished MacBook Pro FB471LL/A is similar to Refurbished MacBook Pro FB470LL/A.  FB471LL/A has slightly higher hardware specifications than FB470LL/A.  Refurbished MacBook Pro FB471LL/A runs on a faster processor, operates with twice as much memory, and has a higher hard disk storage capacity.  All other significant hardware components are the same.  The upgrade in these three hardware areas will cost the consumer approximately $300.

FB471LL/A belongs to a new generation of Apple MacBooks.  In this current generation, consumers will see a handful of technological innovations never seen before in the MacBook product family.  Most notable are the new aluminum enclosures and the LED Backlit LCD displays.

Apple Certified Refurbished MacBooks are the safest purchasing options out there when consumers are considering buying second hand.  These MacBooks are practically brand new as most units come from cancelled or returned orders.  Apple takes these notebooks and puts them through its factory refurbishment process.  They come out completely tested and restored for resale.  Each Apple Certified Refurbished MacBook comes with a 1 year limited warranty and includes all original accessories, cables, manuals, and software.  Apple Certified Refurbished MacBooks can only be found on Apple’s online store.

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