Refurbished MacBook Pro FB470LL/A

The Refurbished MacBook Pro FB470LL/A is an Apple Certified Refurbished MacBook.  This MacBook is almost identical to Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A with exception to the refurbished SKU.  All other features and hardware components are the same.  Most notably, the Refurbished MacBook Pro FB470LL/A features a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.  Other highlights include a 15.4″ LCD display, a 250 GB hard disk drive, and 2 GB of DDR3 RAM.

FB470LL/A is a good entry level MacBook Pro.  This MacBook is part of a new generation of Unibody MacBooks with aluminum system enclosures.  Its hardware specifications are a notch below that of the FB471LL/A in terms of CPU speed, hard drive capacity, and system memory availability.  Despite this, MacBook Pro FB470LL/A still carries a powerful punch, and is able to handle most all applications and usages that are out there today.

The difference in cost between the refurbished FB470LL/A and the new MB470LL/A is approximately $300.  Both notebooks come with the same Apple 1 Year Limited Warranty.  Both include original factory cables, software, accessories and manuals.

Apple Certified Refurbished MacBook Pros are different from other second-hand MacBooks.  Apple Certified Refurbished units come from Apple and can only be purchased through Apple’s online store under the Refurbished Deals section.  They are usually sourced from returned or canceled Apple orders.  Each MacBook Pro is refurbished by Apple, unlike those of other merchants that sell used and refurbished Apple products.  Apple tests and restores the MacBook Pro to its original factory conditions.

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