Old Cell Phones and iPods are Worth Money – Even When Broken

More and more people are asking themselves, “How do I deal with all these old cell phones?” Everyone has started with the old “brick” style phone, then upgraded to a “flip” phone, then upgraded to a “camera” phone, and so on. Now you have a Blackberry Storm or Apple iPhone 3Gs and have a drawer full of old cell phones. Well, we have talked to many people who said they are thinking about trashing them and just figured they were worth nothing. Others have said, “They make great toys for my kids.” Maybe you are one of those people holding on to those old cell phones for dear life because you think deep down inside, “they have to be worth something.” Well, you are right! Thousands of people have visited: www.cellitused.com and have turned thier otherwise useless cell phones and iPods into something more useful, CASH!

Cellitused.com was founded in early 2006 and buys over 250 types of cell phones, many iPods and even broken cell phones and iPods. Here is how it works. It is suprising how easy it is! Visit www.cellitused.com and add your old cell phones and iPods to the cart. Then, fill out the order form with your contact information and email address. You can choose to print a free shipping label or have free shipping materials sent to you. Once you complete the order, simply ship your phones and iPods to Cellitused.com. All shipping is free and you get a check in the mail within 14 days.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “it doesn’t get much better,” and “I get paid for old and broken cell phones and iPods. It does get better! Cellitused.com does not throw your old and broken equipment in the trash. They use every part for repair or proper recycling. The waste caused by old electronics will stay out of landfills and you get paid for it! It is a win-win for everyone!

If you want to see how you can get paid for old and broken cell phones and iPods then check out the Cellitused Commercial.

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