MacBook Vs iBook G4

The MacBook was without doubt one of the most anticipated products that had been launched by apple back in the year 2006. The question that had been foremost on the minds of the Apple fans back then had been as to what would become of the iBook? iBook G4 is a portable notebook that had been the rage before the launch of MacBook. The MacBook was both, a little bit iBook plus a little Powerbook. Although we still consider it as part of the old iBook family it is definitely a step up for all the notebooks.

It has a 1.83 Intel Core Duo processor with a 2MB on-chip shared L2 cache. The stunning 13.3 inch screen is much brighter and also clearer as compared to the previous 14 inch screen of the iBook G4. The iBook featured a dim and relatively less sharp screen as compared to both the MacBook and other notebook screens that had been available for the same price at that time. In addition the MacBook also features a 1280×800 resolution which is quite a jump up from the regular 1024×768. This feature is truly a godsend for not only the mobile photographers but also for web designers and developers. To say the least this is the maximum difference that a screen can make on a unit. In fact the users of the MacBook screen will find it impossible to go back to using the iBook G4 ever again.

Battery Life:
The battery for iBook G4 and other notebooks is good but generally loses its capacity after the initial months of usage. Whereas the MacBook can be taken anyplace without worrying if it's plugged in or not. There is no need for you to carry even your power adapter. Reason being that it has a battery life of almost seven hours (as compared to the five hours of iBook G4) after a single charge which makes it perfect for travelling.

It is a darn good deal at $ 999.00 for the features that it offers. Plus there is not much of a price difference when it is compared to the iBook G4 that is priced at $ 850.00, but there is a hell of a difference when it comes to the performance of the two.

Overall Summary:
In short the overall build and the quality of the MacBook makes it the must buy. Both its specifications and its price are excellent, especially when compared to the iBook G4 and also other notebooks. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but as already mentioned it is great value for money. So go out and get your own MacBook today. It is available in two colours, a shiny white and a matte black finish, the former being more traditional and popular with the consumers. Not to be missed.

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