MacBook Upgrade 101: Your Guide to Upgrading Your MacBook

There are two essential parts in a MacBook that can be upgraded depending on your preference. When upgrading your MacBook, you can either upgrade the hard disk or the RAM of your Mac laptop.

Here is very simplistic guide to upgrading your MacBook’s hard drive:

1. Remove the battery of your MacBook by turning its grasp 90 degrees from its original position. In doing this, you may use a coin or any strong flat material.

2. Remove the hard drive from your MacBook by pulling the white plastic tab attached to it to the right.

3. Place into the cradle the replacement hard drive for your MacBook that you bought from an Apple store. You would need a Torx T9 screwdriver to be able to do this.

4. Push the drive into the compartment and cradle it fitly. Make sure that the label is facing down to ensure that it on proper placement.

5. Finally, place back the battery and turn on your newly upgraded MacBook!

    Now, here is a basic guide to upgrading your MacBook’s RAM:

    1. Take off the battery of your MacBook just like how it was described above.

    2. From the back wall of the battery compartment of your MacBook, remove the three Philips screws that are evenly spaced from one another.

    3. Remove the L-shaped metal cover by lifting it and pulling gently to the right.

    4. Pull the metal lever back on and remove the RAM chip from your MacBook by sliding it out from the compartment.

    5. To insert the new RAM, slide it until it is fitly seated. If you have a second RAM, do the same. It wouldn’t matter which comes first and last as long as they are cradled in properly.

    6. Do not use force in removing and inserting the RAM because it may damage not only the RAM chip, but the MacBook, as well.

    7. Finally, to finish the upgrade, put back the L-shaped metal cover and the screws, and then insert the battery. You now have a newly upgraded MacBook!

      So, when you feel that your MacBook isn’t performing its best anymore, you don’t have to spend another thousand bucks to replace it with a new one from the Apple store. You can always simply upgrade its RAM or harddrive or both, depending on your needs.

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