MacBook Pro Buying Guide: Why MacBook Pro is Your Best Choice?

When it comes to Apple laptops, it has always been a difficult decision to make whether one should get a MacBook, a MacBook Air, or a MacBook Pro. Unless you have the budget and you do not mind each of the laptop’s specifications, you would have to consider a lot of factors in choosing which Apple laptop you should get.

When all 3P’s – power, performance, and portability – have already been considered, it’s time to look at what’s behind the elegant cases. And when you do, you’d realize that it’s the MacBook Pro that’s your best choice among the three Apple bets.

Providing You with a Few More Choices

And you think your decision-making ends with the above? The new MacBook Pro defines power as coming in three sizes – the 13-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch units. With more options, you can totally be sure to get what you want, providing you with what you need. Available now at the Apple store, the three MacBook Pro units will require to make another sound decision.

Power that You Can Carry

Symbolizing the epitome of power and precision, the new MacBook Pro is equipped with an integrated graphics system, more capacity, and faster speed. It is designed to allow running of the most intensive applications, programs, and games, and still has so much more to offer.

What Makes Up the MacBook Pro?

Curious why MacBook Pro is the new definition of power? It is because the new MacBook Pro is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a speed of up to 2.93 GHz. With its up to 320 GB SATA hard drive and a standard memory of 2GB DDR3, what else can you ask for?

Performance at its Finest

Equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT, the new MacBook Pro provides faster and more enhanced graphics performance, especially with high-end three-dimensional applications and games. It simply brings graphics, videos, and photos to life.

Sleek, Slim, Stylish, and Sophisticated

The new MacBook Pro is manufactured and designed in one solid piece of aluminum, making it durable, light, and beautifully crafted.

You see, if money isn’t a concern, making a decision whether or not to buy the MacBook Pro from an Apple store should not be as difficult as you think. Recognize and realize its potential and you’re on your way to grasping power at the palm of your hands!

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