MacBook Care: Safety Tips for Your Apple MacBook

Your MacBook is more than just a computer notebook for work or leisure. It is, more importantly, your tool for communication, entertainment, and knowledge search. It is, therefore, advised that you take proper care of your MacBook as it is a vital technological investment for both personal and professional growth.

Safety Tips in Carrying the MacBook

  • Buy a durable notebook sleeve for your MacBook from Apple stores. Whenever you carry it around by hand or in a bag, make sure to slip it in its sleeve to protect it from dust, dirt, and other minor damages.
  • For maximum protection, put your MacBook inside its sleeve before keeping it in its bag. This should protect it from shocks, hits, and, bumps, especially if you are carrying it along inside a vehicle.
  • When the MacBook is inside its carrying case or bag, make sure to remove all loose little items like coins, pens, or paper clips that might accidentally scratch or damage your MacBook. This should also prevent them from getting inside your computer’s openings or ports such as the optical drive or card reader.

Safety Tips in Storing the MacBook

  • When not in use, make sure that your MacBook is kept in a cool, dry location.
  • Keep it away from children’s reach to avoid scratches, damage, or even file loss.
  • Preserve the battery life of your MacBook by discharging it 50% before you store your MacBook.

Safety Tips in Cleaning the MacBook

  • When cleaning your MacBook, make sure it has been properly shut down and its power adapter is not plugged in. Remove the battery, as well.
  • To clean the MacBook’s exterior, use a soft damp cloth that is lint-free. Wipe the computer’s surface in a gentle manner and avoid wetting or getting moisture in any port or opening.
  • Do no use aerosol sprays, abrasives, or solvents when cleaning your MacBook.
  • Do not spray any cleaning liquid on your MacBook screen.

Remember, your MacBook is an extension of yourself. It defines how you represent yourself to people at work and outside. So make sure that your MacBook is clean and sparkly – just like you are!

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