macbook a1181 lcd screen cleaning Process

macbook a1181 lcd screen cleaning Process

You may clean the macbook a1181 lcd screen depending on the smears and smudges present on the screen. If only little dust is present on the screen try dry dusting the screen by wiping the screen with a cotton cloth along one direction, top to bottom or left to right. If this does not give desired results, then you can try cleaning the screen with some of the cleaning solutions.

Things you may require to clean your macbook a1181 lcd screen

  • A soft lint-free cotton cloth (100% cotton t-shirt, terry towel, etc.,)
  • Distilled water
  • Isopropyl alcohol (or white vinegar)
  • Spray bottle

Dirt and other organic stains left on the screen can be effectively removed by using alcohol and water solution. Alcohol cleans any organic marks like fingerprints or oily marks left on the screen, while water removes any dirt or mineral strains present on the macbook a1181 lcd screen.

Process to clean your macbook a1181 lcd screen

  1. Try dry dusting the screen first with a dry cotton cloth. In most of the cases, this gives better results if only little dust is present on the screen. If you can still find any smudges on the screen then try below step.
  2. In a clean spray bottle mix distilled water and alcohol in 1:1 ratio and spray the solution on to the cotton cloth and wipe the screen with the cloth along one direction or in circular motion. Avoid putting pressure on the screen, which may damage the screen.

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