Jet White iPhone 7, New Emojis, Airpods Release Date & More Apple News!


Everything Happening Now With Apple. A Jet White iPhone, iOS 10.1.1 Re-released, Jailbreak Update, AirPods Release Date, 51 New Emojis & More.

911 Bug:


  1. #EverythingApplePro I forgot to mention but this definitely could be true because I remember seeing a Pope at lunch and he was holding an iPhone 7 with no case and yet it was white so, at first I thought he customised it but maybe not.

  2. I think they didnt release the airpods at the same time with Iphone 7 because they want you to buy them, not to get it for free by buying the Iphone

  3. I don't want a glossy white iPhone because I already have a glossy black iPhone and won't have money for a new fucking phone

  4. Hey does anyone know if there would be a second iPhone SE? like one for the 7? Cuz i understand now that the SE is like a smaller 6s so would they make another SE with the 7 features? Some please tell me what you think

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