iTunes Tutorial – How to Add Album Cover Art

This article will run through how to easily add album cover art (or other images) in Apple iTunes. When you purchase a song or album through iTunes these will normally come complete with the appropriate album cover art, or alternatively a photograph of the artist. The artwork associated with the tune can be seen in the bottom left corner of the iTunes window by clicking on the show/hide artwork button. The artwork displayed in the window will change each time a new album is played.

When you rip your own CD to import into iTunes you unfortunately don’t get the artwork in this way as the image is not stored on the CD. The iTunes software does however offer the option to search online for the matching album artwork and append this to the imported files for you. Whilst this can work well in many instances there are occasions when iTunes either can’t find the artwork for a particular artist or provides you with a slightly different artwork to the one you actually wanted.

Luckily, there are ways around this. Using a scanner you could scan the album art into your home computer and save the image files in one of the number of graphic file formats that iTunes can recognise JPEG, PNG, TIFF or GIF. Using a scanner may be appropriate if you have a very rare or personalized album cover which you wish to have in electronic form to display on your computer of on your iPod, iPad or iPhone. Another, often quicker option is to use the internet to source the correct album art image and then download the image to save on your computer. When doing this it is worth taking a moment to check the resolution and quality of the image so that it will look at its best when displayed on your screen in CoverFlow.

Once you have the correct artwork image the next step is to link the artwork to a song or album. To do this select the song in iTunes and then drag the image from where it is saved on your hard drive to the artwork viewing window in the lower left corner of iTunes.

If you want to link the same image with the whole album the way to do this is to select the album in iTunes and the drag the image into the artwork viewing pane as before.

It is also possible to add artwork to an album whilst editing multiple songs:

1. Using the browse view in iTunes select the album; Switch to browse view so that an Album column appears on the right side of the iTunes window. Select the album by simply clicking it.

2. Choose File, Get Info or press Command-I (Mac) or Ctrl-I (PC). A warning message will display asking “Are you sure you want to edit information for multiple items?”

3. Select “Yes” to proceed. The Multiple Song Information dialog appears.

4. Choose to enable the Album Artwork field by marking the check box. If you add a check mark to a field, iTunes assumes you would like that field to be changed across all selected songs. Ensure that no other check box is selected except Artwork.

5. Find the image file on your hard drive and drag it into Artwork panel in iTunes. Drag the image file directly into the blank Artwork pane shown in the dialog box.

6. Select OK to confirm A warning message will display asking “Are you sure you want to change the artwork for multiple items?”

7. Select Yes to confirm.

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