Iphone on Fire!

Events of meltdowns and fires have been reported by consumers in various parts of the world regarding the new iPhone.

Events have been reported where the connection between the iPhone and the charger cord melts due to high temperatures. There have been reported events where the battery in the new iPod has taken fire as well.

There is an example from Norway where there is observed holes burned through the plastic into the metal of the connector between the iPhone and the charger cord.

In Sweden there has been a report on similar incident on the iPhone 3G. The plastic on the charger contact is melted and burnt into the metal under it.

In Japan there have been several events where the batteries have taken fire on some models of the iPod.

Some of these latter events are due to use of non original batteries.

The Ipod is very popular in Japan, and when one of them takes fire during charging there is bound to be trouble. Japanese authorities has ordered the iPod producer Apple to examine the events of an exploding iPod nano in March 2008 closer. This model was one of 425.000 nano’s that Apple has sold in Japan, and is almost identical to millions of others world over. The model went out of market in 2006, and was replaced with a newer model of iPod nano. There is known several cases of fire and explosions connected to this model of iPod, and a handful cases over the world have been documented.

Apple conformed in a statement the details around the events, but did not comment it further. Apple commented later that the incidents were connected to one certain type of batteries from Sony.

There are more problems for Apple’s latest 3G iPhone after reports have started to come in on them catching fire.

The most public reports are from Norway and Sweden where the smoking and dead iPhone was displayed in the local press. It appears the fire started when the phone was recharging, which is probably a battery problem and could happen to any device.

The iPhone is already becoming buggy and has poor reception problems because Apple installed an immature chipset under the bonnet of the beast.  The fact that it did this, even though it was known that this particular chipset had been causing problems for early adopters in Europe for four years, is strange.

A software update to fix the reception problems actually makes things worse and buggers up the GPS system that comes with the phone. Apple is keeping quiet about all these problems and some observers are starting to wonder if it will face a product recall.

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