Iphone 3GS – Features Review

Apple introduced Iphone 3GS having a load of applications rendering web pages, offering outstanding 3D graphics and has proved its functionality to be up than its predecessor. It has retained practical features of the earlier 3G model, and has embellished to enhance usage. The Iphone fans can have the next generation model as apple has made its debut, though hopping from 3G to 3GS model is not a big leap, this handset has adequate novel features to compel the users to upgrade. Definitely, the price of this latest model will vary; however reading the following review is a must to understand the new features.

Messaging – It now includes text, photos, video and audio such that it holds data up to 32GB.

Speed – This latest 3GS model is expected to be faster and the S denotes speed such that it will load faster and will upgrade AT&T 3G network for faster web browsing. The applications will open twice faster than the earlier model, yet the multitasking feature of Palm Pre-style would be highly appreciated.

Internet – The Wi-Fi hotspot is not needed to tether the connection of the internet with a PC laptop or Mac notebook as this latest model can broadcast through Bluetooth wirelessly, and also allows remaining free of the cabling nightmare. In fact, this addition is remarkable for the high street competitors and proves to be groundbreaking that others lack at present.

Battery life – The battery life of the initial introduction of Iphone was satisfactory, but the next generation Iphone 3G was not as expected. Now the Iphone 3GS offers more hope. It states that it would offer Wi-Fi battery life for 9 hours, video playback for 10 hours, 2G talk time for 12 hours, audio playback for 30 hours and 3G talk time for 5 hours. However, more reviews are awaited to have clarity on ratings and the specialty of features.

Camera – Iphone`s camera has always proved to be good with a decent picture quality, but the editing features in the earlier models were nonexistent. It helped in putting the fears to rest as the latest model Iphone review stated that it has 3 megapixels camera resolution with auto focus feature.

Video recording – It has the capacity to record VGA clips and ascertains a nifty feature to trim the clips. The enhanced multimedia features facilitates in becoming amateur directors as the ability to editing, recording and sharing masterpiece allows memories to be shared and enjoyed by everyone as it is powered with auto focus camera featuring 3.0 megapixel.

Voice Control – This is the latest model allowing contact using voice, and can be activated with a specific music track such that identifying a song by its name and can demand play related tracks.

Digital Compass – There is a digital compass pointing automatically to north and also integrate with Google Maps to have the right direction.

Security – The security methods permit their users to locate their Iphone, if it gets misplaced. The software MobileMe pin-points the location of the phone and the private information is preserved.

Although there are notable feature improvements, it is certainly not a big leap than the earlier models. People owning Iphone classic or who do not own an Iphone can certainly take a step towards this phone.

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