Introducing the New 13-inch Macbook

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 The New MacBook

 Do everything faster.
With a first-of-its-kind integrated graphics processor that delivers up to five times the performance in half the size, MacBook changes the game—and just about everything else you do on a notebook. The new MacBook makes quick work of iLife, iWork,** and all your applications, so you can skim through photos, edit movies, and create websites and presentations with ease.

Graphics is just the beginning.

With its precision aluminum unibody enclosure and fewer parts than ever, the MacBook is thinner, greener, and more durable. The ultrathin LED-backlit display offers spectacular detail and instant full screen brightness. And the new Multi-Touch trackpad provides more room for clicking and Multi-Touch gestures.

Until now, all notebooks were designed the same way. By assembling multiple pieces to create a single enclosure. But once you include all the necessary parts, you add size, weight, complexity, and more opportunities for failure. Solving a problem like this required more than an incremental change. It required a breakthrough. To create the new MacBook, the design and engineering teams devised a way to replace many parts with just one. That one part is called the unibody — a seamless enclosure carved from a single piece of aluminum.

Explore all the design innovations of the new MacBook.

The thickness of a notebook depends on the technology inside. LCD displays typically use cold cathode fluorescent lamps, or CCFLs, to create light and project a picture onto a screen. But that poses two problems. First, these lamps require more space, so the display can be only so thin. Second, just like the fluorescent lights in your home or office, the ones inside a CCFL display take time to warm up before they reach full brightness. That’s a lose-lose situation. And it’s why Apple engineers chose LED backlight technology for the new MacBook.

The MacBook keyboard
They made a couple of changes to the keyboard as well. The main one is now the keyboard is back lit so now you can type in the dark with no problems. I just got a MacBook a couple of months ago I wish i knew they where coming out with a new model with a backlit. before this the only mac that lit up was the Apple MacBook Pro.

The new Multi-Touch trackpad
Its now just one Smooth peace if etched glass with no button thats pretty cool

Up to 5x faster NVIDIA graphics performance.
The new MacBooks have a new NVIDIA graphics card. The NVIDIA GeForce 9400M is great for high-end, high-speed 3D game-playing power. Not sure why this one is better then the old one the did not say much about it. what they did say is its 5x faster.

Over all its a very nice Laptop I want one. I love the MacBook Pro’s aluminum case and now you can get the aluminum case in the MacBook. If you want to high end MacBook its $1,599.00 If you want the low end MacBook Pro its $1,999.00. I guess thats a big price difference.

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