How To Unlock ANY iPhone Photos Without Passcode!

INSANE Way How To Bypass ANY iPhone Passcode & See Photos. iOS 10.2 – 8.0 Secret Lockscreen Hack. Works on iPads Too!

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20 thoughts on “How To Unlock ANY iPhone Photos Without Passcode!

  1. At least a Note 7 will explode leaving nothing behind , better than all these privacy issues

  2. How to bypass the LOCK screen:
    1. Hold HOME and say to Siri "Show me my pictures"
    2. When your pictures come up, press HOME again.
    3. Da'daaa. You are now on the home screen, unlocked. No Passcode required.

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  3. For you to how people how to unlock phones is really messed up. People who would be using this would be people who would be doing no good because of it. You are letting people know how to get into others personal things and that is not okay,.

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