How To Sell Iphone Apps And Make Millions Of Dollars

iPhone apps are the life line for iPhone users, and those who do not have iPhone on their finger tips, they are plain unfortunate and backward because this is an ultimate age of technological advancement and artificial intelligence, where you can travel all across the globe with a travelling iPhone app with you for guidance and can discover the shapes of stars by seeing them on your astrological iPhone apps. This is not an end, more than 100 iPhone apps are being submitted to apps stores each day that encouraged all sectors of life to earn maximum profitability and reach towards respective niches. Developers are continuing to explore ways to inform and entertain users, while business holders are effortlessly expanding their businesses in an enormous fashion. Do you still consider it an average marketing tool and B-grade social media strategy to attract customers? Idiot, you can make a lot of money (beyond your expectations) by creating an iPhone app for particular niche, swear to God.

Anyways, with a rapid pace of iPhone submissions in apps stores, developers need to know the best possible ways to submit their developed iPhone apps. Mind you, there are no hard and fast rules, these are the tips that can minimize their selling efforts and maximize profitability.

Get started with a basic version

Think long term, may be it will be a HIT for iPhone world and you will be asked to develop its next version so if this is a first version, do not put everything in it and leave something for the next. You should add individual features to your basic version, just to facilitate allow updates.

Is your iPhone app small enough to fit in the iPhone?

Smaller app file is always applauded, because they are quicker to run and people like to have apps that take little space in iPhone. Buyers do notice this thing, if you have smaller app with amazing idea, they surely will going to buy it from you.

Make Apple’s Web App directory your first priority

Apple’s Web directory is the first place, buyer look for. Newest apps are first submitted in this platform. So leave your recently developed iPhone app there and wait for the reviews of common users, so that you will get to know how its working and how it’s being viewed by the users. When Apple is done with your reviewing session, your iPhone app will be added near the top of their recently added list. If your app is amazing, you instantly will get hits on it and the process of success and profitability will begin.

Revised version of iPhone App

After little time, you should resubmit your iPhone apps under the banner of what’s new or Hottest Feature added, and it will bring your app in the top listing of directory again. You still can sell your revised or modified version of iPhone app to the original as well as new buyers. Do not forget to submit your apps on Thursday or Friday, because it is a prime time to sell.

I repeat, your iPhone app can get you millions of dollars if you made it particular, easy-to-use and eye-captivating. Rest of the job will be easily done by my mentioned tips. For more iPhone apps idea, you can log in to

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