How to Make an iPhone App and Make Money

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Create an Idea

Anyone can think of an idea on how to make iPhone applications, but that does not make it a good idea. The program will need to be original and suit a specific niche or type of customers. Start by finding a niche for iPhone fans by asking customers what type of applications they are looking for. Sometimes create an online poll and post it on social networks.

It would be pointless creating an idea if there are numerous similar products on the market. Unless you have an excellent marketing strategy, it will be very difficult to sell a product that is similar to thousands of others on the market. A program will gain recognition if is unique and different, which is why it is important to find out how to make an iPhone app that is apart from any other products. If your application is useful and one-of-a-kind, it is more likely to attract customers.


You will need a good set of tools. This will include an iPhone, a good computer, and an iPhone SDK for programming. You may also want to join the developer program by Apple to make your design and production job easier. If you already have a good computer and iPhone, the other tools should cost less than 200 dollars.


You will need a variety of skills for knowing how to make the app. Not everyone has these skills, so you may need to study or hire someone who can do the tasks that you can not. For example, you may need to hire a programmer if you are primarily a designer, or vice versa. Making an iPhone app successful will depend on the skills that each person can bring to the table.

In some ways, an iPhone app is a little like building a business. You will need an advertiser, researcher, accountant, designer, architect, developer, and project manager. Although you can fulfill many of these roles yourself, some may require the help of others. It takes a team to make any product successful, including how to make an iPhone app popular. You can waste a lot of energy and time in trying to learn how to make an iPhone app by yourself when the process can be made so much easier with the help of others.

Market Research

Think about how to make an app and decide whether it brings something new to the market. If the introduction of a new concept, think about how the public will accept it. Even if a new idea looks amazing to you and your friends, the public may not always think so. Find out what the public wants by conducting surveys and asking which applications are most sought after by customers. Your customers are the most important source of marketing information, so it is essential to pay attention to their needs.

Know Your Phone

Use as many games and an application as you can to get a feel of what is already available on the market. Consider the functionality of each program and think about how you can make it better. Look for weak spots in the design and characteristics of the application and learn from other's mistakes.

Who Will Use It?

When making an app, consider your market audience. Although a program will be popular, you will need to find out what your fans are and cater the application for them. If it is a utility program used by professionals, you will want a sleek and quick design that can be easily accessed. Finding your target audience is an important step in how to make an iPhone app and it should not be overlooked.

Submit the Application

Once everything has been designed and programmed, it is time to submit the final result. If you have taken the time to learn the process, you should be confident that the product would meet with a good reception on the market. To submit a program to the Apple store, create a certificate and ID before uploading. Finally, promote the application to ensure it gets as much publicity as possible.

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