How to Clean Your Macbook

When you have your Macbook with you all day carrying it around and using it during the day, it's going to get dirty. This dirt is not only bad aesthetically but it can also cause problems for your laptop. If you never clean it, there are problems that can happen. Find out what you need to know that will help you clean up your Macbook.

First of all, get some wipes that are made for laptop screens. You can not just use any cleaning wipe as these screens are very sensitive to the chemicals that they come in contact with. Find laptop screen wipes and use these on the screen to get rid of all the dirt that is on it so that you can see everything like you should on the monitor.

Get a can of compressed air to help you clean your laptop. This is good for two things. First, use it on your keyboard to blow out the larger particles that you can not get to. This makes it easier to type and protects the keys.

Secondly, use this can of compressed air to clean up your vents on the computer. While the computer is off, use it on the fans. This cleans out all the dust that accumulates there. This will help your Macbook be cooler which will help it last longer with less heat on the internal components.

Get wipes for your keyboard. This gets all the dirt and anything sticky off the keys. This makes it easier to type. Do not use wipes that are going to be foamy as you do not want this trapped between the keys.

Wipe down the back of your Macbook from time to time as well.

Wipe everything up with a dry cloth so that there is no moisture left over. Moisture is not good for a computer at all so double check everything is cleaned up.

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