How Do I Create An App For The iPad

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Apple's App Store on the iPhone has proven to be an unqualified success.

Since the store's inception, the concept of the "app" has grown to overtake mobile computing, inspiring the creation of several competitive devices and platforms built on the same technology.

After that, Apple and their devices such as the iPhone and iPad still account for the majority of smartphone and mobile computing devices sold worldwide.

The numbers of apps available in the store has grown from just a few hundred in the beginning, to more than a quarter million unique apps that have generated more than 5 billion downloads worldwide.

What's interesting about the iPad, however, is that it seamlessly runs all old iPhone apps. That means that it's built to easily integrate with the pre-existing App Store that has already been proven to be such a success and that attracts such a huge amount of user traffic every day.

Users who are coming to the iPad are often already familiarized with the iPhone and the App Store, which means they're already familiar with, and excited about, the world of apps.

Whereas those who developed apps early on for the iPhone had to struggle to get the content and distribution method recognized, those who are looking now to develop content for the iPad will be able to enjoy a wide audience with a built in distribution method that just so happens to be one of the most popular online marketplaces in decades.

So could I make my own apps, even if I have no prior experience?

If you have a great idea for an app and you are interested in creating the app yourself, there typically would be four steps:

1. A familiarization with the iPad software.
– Get familiar with the iPad hardware and software as it functions slightly differently than other tablets or notebooks

2. Planning your app idea. There would be a few areas to consider before you get started:
– Do I do it myself or outsource the work?
– Your level of programming knowledge, sound and graphic design.
– Hiring freelancers
– Blueprinting your app – Putting the foundation on paper
– Your monetization strategy

3. Developing your app
– The tools you would need (hardware / software)
– Registering as a developer
– How to submit your app
– What to do if you are rejected

4. Marketing and selling your app (making money!)
– Your marketing plan
– Getting paid
– Selling within the app

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