GPS application for iphone

Yes, if you have an iphone then this is your turn to convert your iphone intoGPS device. A GPS company has launched its GPS application with which an iphone Will work as GPSdevice. All iphone user will be happy to know that this application is available only for $99.99 at all istore all over the world.

With the application, iphone will contain all features ofGPS unit like voice directions and full maps of different cities in different countries are available at varying prices. The application is based on a technology, IQ Routes. The technology, IQ Routes makes this iphoneGPS different from other ordinary GPS devices. IQ Routes taps into the actual experiences of other company drivers to determine the fastest route to take. The company official claims that by using this application iphone user can save their time up to 35% to reach the specific destination. Its another buzz is that if you missed to take a appropriate turn then the your iphoneGPS will suggest you better option.

According to the company officials, over 30 millions people are getting benefit of the application. Apart from all features, company is also offering a car kit with which user can attach their iPhones to the front window or dash. The application is compatible with iPhone 3G or 3GS and requires iPhone OS 3.0. Company is also planning to launch new application which will be compatible with ipod touch and old iphones.

Though the newly released Apple iPhone has seen a great deal of critical acclaim, it has by no means been impervious to criticism. Though naysayers have found many an iPhone shortcoming to nitpick about, critics and advocates alike have been able to agree wholeheartedly about two major iPhone omissions: support for AT&T’s 3G (third generation) data network and the lack of GPS.

The latter, as it turns out, is a missing feature that can be added to the iPhone without requiring Apple make any hardware alterations to the device. In other words – without the soldering of a single chip, the turning of a single screw, or even so much as the removal of the iPhone’s outer casing – all the iPhone owners out there could have a GPS receiver and antenna added to their phones.

But wait, there’s more. Not only can the iPhone become fully GPS-enabled without physical changes, Apple wouldn’t be required to make any software changes, either. No driver additions, no modifications to the iPhone’s underlying first generation mobile version of OSX. Nada.

Thanks to an innovation by French company BlueSky Positioning, who have integrated both an A-GPS (Assisted GPS) receiver and antenna onto a SIM card, the Apple iPhone and other SIM-based mobile devices that lack GPS support can add full featured GPS capabilities through the use of the BlueSky Positioning SIM card. From a software perspective, all phones which possess the STK or SimToolKit (a mandatory requirement on all mobile phones since 1998) can support and utilize the SIM and it’s GPS.

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