Free Apple MacBook Applications

This article gives an overview about the various Free Apple Macbook applications that are available online. Once you read this, you will be able to judge which applications you can download on your Macbook.

Apple manufacturers are certainly one of the world’s most renowned computer manufacturers. They promise to deliver high end products to their customers. One such product is the MacBook laptop. The latest versions of the MacBook are considered to be the slimmest portable computers. These are made of single aluminum blocks using unibody technique, and are considered to be one of the fastest machines made by Apple Inc. There is an added advantage of using this particular product, as there are many free Apple MacBook applications that come with the product.

The list of free Apple MacBook applications is endless. MacBooks come with various free applications in terms of productivity, maintenance, communications, audio-video applications and enhancements. Following is a bit of information on some applications, in order to help you choose the applications that you require the most.

When we talk about free Apple MacBook applications, the first thing that comes to mind is its productivity. In terms of productivity, the first thing that one notices is the simple to-do checklist on the menu bar. MacBooks come with high end Mac OS X Leopard operating systems, along with the Open-office.Org, which works much better in terms of functionality. Another significant free application which comes along with MacBooks, is the Text Wrangler which effortlessly integrates the SFTP browser and Cyber Duck for easy and effortless editing on any server. Some other free Apple MacBook applications which are great in terms of productivity are Quicksilver, Unarchiver, Event Sync with iCal, Aquamacs Emacs, tiny alarms and many other exclusive applications.

Now let’s venture into the communication applications. Adium is a much better open source application, which easily connects with any messaging system available. It also provides Tweet Deck which is great when it comes to interacting with Twitter. It also supports Skype and comes with Growl, which is a great application for system notification whenever any contact signs off or on.

The list of free apple macbook applications for audio and video is overwhelming. The free audio applications include iPod disk, Audacity and GimmeSome Tune and the free video applications include Handbrake, iSquint, VLC and, Miro. There are many other free applications which provide much better video quality.

There are free Apple MacBook applications for easy maintenance of Macs. These applications mainly include Disk InventoryX, Super Duper, Clix, AppFresh, iStat Pro and many more similar exciting applications. In other words, Apple MacBooks are simply overloaded with exciting yet useful free applications.

Yes, all these applications can be downloaded absolutely free. One can certainly use these free Apple MacBook applications to increase the productivity and efficiency of his/her Macbook.

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