Famous Cell Phone Brands and Latest Models

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Today having a cell phone is not only needed but also mandatory since almost everyone has to resort to cell phones to communicate with you. A cell phone keeps the regular contact and stable relationship between you and your family, your friends, your business associates and other acquaintances. The evolution of wholesale cell phones is so rapid that today it is difficult to meet a person who hasn’t got a cell phone. The prevailing of mobile phones also causes the appearance of increased up-to-date models and professional companies as well.

Among the perfusion of cell phone companies, a few have climbed to the peak of the mobile phone arena from the furious competition in the market. The most influential players include Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsun and Siemens, each of which has both high and low-end models to select from. Together with these professional mobile phones brands, there are also some released by non-professional cellular phones enterprises such as iPhone from Apple and gPhone from Google. In addition, several not-so-high-end models from various countries also earn a saying in the global cellular phone manufacturing industry. For example, LG cell phones from South Korea enjoy a considerable market share in many countries.

These decades new models of cell phones are launched rapidly with increased high-tech and helpful features. The new handsets made by different brands always come in different fantastic features, colors and accessories. Most find it difficult not to be persuaded into purchasing the new one. Currently in the global cellular phone market, the latest cell phones and perhaps the hottest cell phones all feature Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and have Internet access capabilities such as email, web browsers, online chatting systems, software download, etc. Among the newest selection of cell phones launched by various companies, for instance, gPhone, Moto AURA, Nokia N95/N96, BlackBerry 9500, etc, I like iPhone 3G most.

As an Apple fan and an iPhone user, I have been studying on the iPhone 3G for some time. This latest cell phone from Apple improves on both the body and the features of the 1st generation iPhone, with quick 3G wireless technology and GPS mapping function. The new one has a more rounded case, which is more comfortable to carry in hand. Like the last one, iPhone 3G integrates 3 products into one body—a new technology phone, a widescreen iPod and an advanced Internet capability with rich HTML email and a wonderful browser. Despite that the new features iPhone 3G has like 3G technology, GPS mapping function, third party applications, enterprise messaging are old for other models like BlackBerry and Symbian, its usability and perfect integration of applications and service, desktop and mobile, and Internet and media are just too great to resist. I always insist that iPhone is the most revolutionary mobile phone in the world, and the iPhone 3G obviously has evolved to an even higher level. In addition, it is widely acknowledged that products manufactured by Apple are just  classy and iPhone is of course a great example

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