Excellent heat dissipation ultra slim ASUS U30J i3

ASUS U30J is a notebook that with quad-core processor, equipped with a separate graphics card, and have 13-inch body, through infrared testing we found that the overall temperature control ASUS U30J very good, rated excellent, the books of the maximum temperature surface in the upper right part of C, at 37 degrees, no more than our normal body temperature, especially suitable for summer use. ASUS U30J metal shell material has excellent heat dissipation, compressive strength performance advantage does not appear the slightest depression.

ASUS U30J the overall presentation is simple route, from exterior to interior to describe in one sentence, that is, “Although the simple but not easy.” ASUS U30J used a 13.3-inch, 1366×768 resolution, 16:9 ratio LED display of gold. Screen and full and clear. At the same time frame with the paint design of the screen, accompanied by glossy screen, gorgeous, generous. Throughout the history of the notebook, we found that consumers higher performance and better portability, longer life time and better heat dissipation, and the pursuit of a more affordable price is the eternal and unchanging, ASUS U30J with 13-inch portable size, were prepared by high metal drawing shell, extreme thin body thickness, feel comfortable keyboard operation, rich practical interface, in particular, is a very good cooling performance, give this books were well received. In the configuration, i3-350M processor and chipset with HM55, 320GB 5400RPM hard drive, and comes with 2 GB DDR3 memory, while application of the NVIDIA Geforce 310M discrete graphics and integrated graphics switching technology, according to environmental conditions In the NVIDIA Geforce 310M graphics card with free to switch between integrated graphics, ASUS U30J machine performance is very good, but the current price of 5,300 yuan, or slightly higher.
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