Evaluating the MacBook: Is MacBook Worth every Penny Spent?

A lot of consumers are thinking twice about buying the Apple Macbook due to its expensive cost. Compared to PC computers and laptops, the Macbook really does require careful budgeting and planning, especially if money is of importance to the buyer.

However, when buying the Apple Macbook, the price should not be the only consideration. Yes, it is much more expensive than other brands and model, but one should also evaluate what comes with such high cost.

Below is an evaluation of the features of the Macbook that would help you identify whether it is really worth buying or not from the Apple store.

Power: Based on advanced Core microarchitecture, the Macbook comes with the powerful 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a fast 1066MHz frontside bus, and 3MB of L2 cache. Imagine that! This means, more job done in less power used.

Performance: Designed with a faster Intel processor, larger hard drive, and faster memory, Macbook has been considered the “do-it-all notebook” that is fully powered and fully featured.  The Macbook comes with an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M that provides high-quality graphics, videos, and games. Enjoy music, movies, games, and applications on your Macbook to the highest level!

Storage: You will never run out of memory with the Apple Macbook! With a hard drive of up to 500GB, you can store all your photos, videos, applications, and data files and still have a whole lot more of storage space for everything else. You just can’t get anything better than this in an Apple store.

Wi-Fi Technology: Built with an 802.11n wireless capability, you can surf the Internet, send emails, or watch online videos with a work-friendly speed just about anytime and anywhere with your Macbook!

Connectivity: Plug your iPod, iPhone, camera, and other peripheral to your Macbook even all at the same time because it is equipped with several different ports. From a mini-DVI port to 2 USB ports to a FireWire 400 port and a Gigabit Ethernet, you are in for advanced digital connections!

BONUSES! Copy files from your Macbook hard drive straight to CDs or DVDs using the iDVD software. Moroever, enjoy chat and video conferences with its built-in web camera. Finally, navigate the Macbook easier by with the two-finger scrolling technique onto its track pad.

Macbook may really be expensive when you look at the price. But when you focus on its power, performance, and other winning features, you would undoubtedly agree that it is actually worth every penny that you’re going to spend on it.

So if you want to start experiencing the power that comes with the Apple Macbook, head out now to your favorite Apple store and get one yourself!

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