Apple Watch Nike+ versus the Series 2. What’s really different?

We break down three features that make the Apple Watch Nike+ uniquely different from the Apple Watch Series 2.

Apple Watch Series 2 review:
Swimming with the Apple Watch Series 2:

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26 thoughts on “Apple Watch Nike+ versus the Series 2. What’s really different?

  1. Does it still have the Apple patented ALWAYS-OFF feature? This would be the last smartwatch that doesn't have enough battery to keep the screen on.

  2. Out of all the Youtube links I checked out, no one covered the EXACT question I had so thoroughly. I've been wanting the series 2 but have been hesitant because I didn't know what differences separated the Series 2 from the Apple Watch Nike Plus Sires 2. Thank you for this video. I now feel I can make an informed purchase.

  3. hey where did u buy that leg thingy under your shorts?what it call?
    do u wear a pants under that short?
    kobe logo ;x
    how come price never drops down?

  4. Honestly, the Garmin is a way better fitness watch than Apple. The iWatch is VERY inaccurate and doesn't even come close to the heart rate sensors and GPS Garmin has. The "Nike +" is a gimmick

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