Apple vs Android 2016 – iPhone 7 Plus vs Pixel XL

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Battle of Apple vs Android. Which is the best smartphone of 2016? Both are the best for their respective operating systems, but both are also very pricey. Which would you take?

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43 thoughts on “Apple vs Android 2016 – iPhone 7 Plus vs Pixel XL

  1. Google Pixel/Pixel XL's screen edge is actually slightly curved. No screen protector covers the whole front panel because of this (at least as of now).

  2. My 7Plus is awesome. I've never been more happy with a phone. I only wish that the battery life of the plus translated into the regular sized 7, then I could use my phone with one hand to text. But, I've learned to adjust. The texting on the plus with two fingers is a huge step up from the smaller model. Hope I can win! Love your channel/insight.

  3. Personally, I like both Android and iPhone, but the whole iMessage takes the cake so I'd choose iPhone. It's such a handy feature considering most of my friends have iPhones.

  4. I would totally prefer the iPhone 7. iPhones have almost always been super Clean, Sharp, and well made (software).

  5. My first smartphone was the Iphone 4 then upgraded to 4s after the 4 broke, I got into jailbreaking and all of that and it was great! However I moved over to android with the S5 and loved it, currently have the LG G4 with a custom cm13 based rom. However with the pixel and note blowing wind this fall, I feel like android really kicked the bucket, very disappointed. Except after seeing many reviews for the V20 I'm pretty happy. The Iphone 7 seems pretty great, however the missing headphone jack is almost a deal breaker for me, since I never use bluetooth, and the dongle doesn't even come with the phone. Hopefully Samsung releases a new note or galaxy soon!

  6. If I had enough money i would buy apple google and merge them together. And let the world drown in chaos. Thank you ! and good night !

  7. i had 2 samsung note 7's…ugh. i thought it was the best phone out there with the s pen, but you know what happened with that. i have a 7 plus now. the jury is still out…

  8. Yo, I've been contemplating for my new phone, and it's between 7+, Pixel XL, and s7 Edge. Would you be able to make a comparing video between the Pixel XL and s7 Edge? Thank you

  9. I like Android for its customization and flexibility but I always come back to ios mostly for the app quality. Like Karl mentioned apps like IG and Snapchat simply run better on IOS. Even some of Google own apps work better on iPhone ironically.

  10. first of all
    ur title is wrong
    u can't say Apple Vs Android
    say Apple vs Google means Company vs Company
    or iOS vs Android means OS vs OS
    but Company vs OS that's Insane :D

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