Apple Pencil Drawing Review – iPad Pro 12.9 inch After 1 Year

Apple Pencil Drawing Review – iPad Pro 12.9 inch After 1 Year
Welcome to Stayf Draws, I am Stayf an illustrator and animator. It has been exactly 1 year since I posted a review about the Apple Pencil working on the iPad Pro. Now a year later I am going to do the review again and see if my perception has changed.

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Apple Pencil
First we are going to unbox the Apple Pencil. The foil is of course gone. But this is what the box looks like after an year of intense use.
The Apple Pencil has a sleek design and weighs like a normal pencil. It does not have an eraser like a Wacom pen. On the end of the pencil there is a cap that is attached to it with a little magnet. When you take the cap off, you see the lightning connector. Before you start using the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro you need to pair it. Stick the Apple Pencil into your iPad Pro and then a window pops up with a question if you want to pair your Apple Pencil. Press OK and your Apple Pencil is paired to your iPad Pro and you are ready to use it. You can charge your Apple Pencil by just leaving it in your iPad Pro. It will charge pretty quick. When you leave it in for 5 minutes you can draw with for half an hour. When you charge your Apple Pencil for an hour, you can use it for 12 hours. You can also charge it with your lighting cable. In the box there is a small adapter you attach to your Apple Pencil. You can then connect it to your lightning cable. The charge time is the same when your charge it through your iPad Pro. I think I only used this connector twice. I prefer to charge it via my iPad Pro. You can see the percentage of your battery when you swipe to the left on your iPad. This is iOs 10. Scroll down and in the widget tab you can see the percentage of the battery of your iPad Pro and your Apple Pencil. In the box there is also an extra nib may you need a new one. It is still in the box, because after a year of drawing intensively on a daily basis the original nib looks like this. No wear.

The reason I bought the Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro was because of the drawing and painting app Procreate. You can use it in two different ways. You can draw with like you draw with a normal pencil, just like you are writing. And you can use it side-ways using the tilt function creating a bigger brush. That is why the Apple Pencil is called a pencil and not a stylus or pen. It has the same characteristics as real pencil. Drawing and painting on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil comes closest to drawing on paper. I gave it to an artist 76 years of age who had never drawn digital and he started sketching with it without any hesitance. The pressure sensitivity of the Pencil is unparalleled. You can draw very light or add pressure to make your strokes darker or thicker. To me drawing on the iPad Pro is the best drawing experience I had drawing digital. And I have been drawing digital for 18 years now. I also draw on a Wacom Cintiq 24 inch HD Touch.

iPad Pro 12.9 inch 128 GB
The iPad Pro has a great design. It is very thin and has 4 speakers that produce great sound. I use it a lot to watch my favourite shows on Netflix. When I draw I can listen to my favourite music on itunes or Spotify. It is very light and a perfect travel companion. The great advantage of the 12.9 screen is that it resembles paper I usually draw on. You have enough screen estate to do all the things you want to with it. It also comes with a split view, so if you want to see two apps at the same time you simply swipe from right to left to open the options and select a second app you want to use. I usually use it with Procreate and the Photos app. if I need some reference for my paintings. When traveling it is also perfect to do some editing with it. I recorded this video with my iPhone 6s and uploaded it to my iPad Pro through AirdropThrough Airdrop I simply upload all of the videos to my iPad. That is way faster than recording with a DSLR and uploading and editing all of your videos on you computer. The quality of the videos is almost non existent as long as you have good light.

-Drawing and painting with the Apple Pencil is the best experience and comes closest to drawing on paper.
The iPad Pro is light and you can draw anywhere you like.

-The iPad Pro is very expensive, especially if you want one with lots of storage.
-You are still on iOs and you can not run dekstop software on it. You can use the app Astropad for that to use your iPad Pro as a screen to draw on your favourite desktop apps like Photoshop, Illustrator or Clip Studio Paint. But the applications are made for desktop and not for iPad.
Drawing is fun and practice makes perfect!

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  1. I also have an Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, and I fully agree with everything you have said here, I love my unlimited art notebook <3 It's like having a full art studio everywhere you go :3

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